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Natural Soap Gift Set

Each gift set will be wrapped in a bow.  If you would like to include a handwritten note, please add a short two to three sentence note in the "add a note" dropdown in the checkout section. 

Natural Soap Gift Set

SKU: 0010
  • Our Soap Gift Set allows you to choose from our full line of bar soap, so that you may customize each set for the intended recipient.  Our bar soap is made with 100% all natural ingredients and formulated to last longer, smell better, and lather more easily.  Each bar contains shea butter which provides a rich and creamy lather and is known for its hydrating properties.  Our bars are colored with natural clays and plants that are rich in minerals and nutrients that will nourish your skin.


    100% Natural Soap | 4.5 oz/Bar

  • Moisten bar and lather generously before applying to face and body.

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