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our story


Hi!  My name is Kenza Bamba and Bamba Soap Co. is a company I created with my husband Joe in 2021.  When the world came to a grinding halt in 2020 as a result of the global pandemic, we knew we needed an outlet for our anxiety, fears, and boredom.  We believe chaos breeds creation out of necessity, so we were determined to learn something new together, as a way to give our days more structure and distract us from the stress of lockdowns.  Our hobby became a passion and then a vision to bring the highest quality natural soap to our community.

When we began crafting soap we realized that many companies use synthetic fragrances and colorants in soaps they claim are natural.  We are told these compounds are safe but there are very few studies on their long term effects on the human body.  We decided that the safest approach would be to make the most natural soap possible.  We tested recipes for over nine months until we found the best combination of ingredients for our natural soap.  To scent our soaps we use essential oils and to color them we use natural plants and clays. Every soap is packed with moisturizing shea butter and cleansing coconut oil.


We are excited to bring a high quality, long lasting, and most importantly, affordable product to the market.  We hope you enjoy our Bamba Bars! ​

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